On Disability, I never thought I would own a vehicle! I heard about Drive Credit Canada, and stopped in to fill out an application. It was Approved! I got my vehicle just a few days later, and I can afford it, even on my limited budget

– Donna P. 

I have kids, and bad credit. My kids play sports, but when my vehicle died, I didn’t know how I was going to get them to all their practices and games etc. I saw a Drive Credit Canada listing on Kijiji and filled out an application form. I was Approved, even with my credit score! Thanks, Drive Credit Canada!

– Ron V. 

I’m 22 years old, I tried to get vehicle financing through a bank, but they turned me down. My Buddy from work told me about Drive Credit Canada, I stopped by one night after work (they were open) and I filled out an application. Now I can get to and from work in my safe, reliable car.

– Travis S. 

My wife and I were expecting our fourth child. But we only had a car, we were worried about how we were going to afford a bigger vehicle. We saw a Dodge Caravan on a small lot called Drive Credit Canada, so we stopped in and learned all about their in house financing. Now our family of six has a vehicle that we can all travel in, thanks to the sales manager of Drive Credit Canada.

– Andrew K.  

Even though I am a home owner, when my marriage fell apart I got the house, and he got the car, and my credit was not so great. I heard about Drive Credit Canada from passing by, I called and made an appointment to learn more about their in-house financing. I was approved!

– Pauline F.  

If you ever need a new vehicle but don’t think you can afford it, I would say to call Drive Credit Canada. They can help you finance a vehicle with a payment plan that doesn’t make you go broke. Affordable used cars, with the most helpful sales manager. I love that I can pay for my house, utilities, car and insurance, and still have a budget to feed my family.

– Shelly D.